G9, any good?

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Re: G9, any good?

AdamT wrote:

About the G9 it's a shame you didn't give it more time.

A day was long enough to know that it`d drive me nuts . I shoot with Nikon DSLRs for my job and there`s no way I could get used to the G9`s button ----- the EM1-II is light but OK ..

The shutter may feel odd if you've only used it for a day or two, but guarantee had you used it longer you would have no issue with it. It took maybe 2-3 days at most to get used to mine and I've heard the same from others.

That`s fine if its a main camera , only camera and you don`t do focus recompose but it`s none of those things for me . most of my time is spent with cameras with a normal shutter button .

One thing to remember with the G9 is that they originally geared it towards semi-pro and pro level shooters, and for those folks the lighter shutter button is a benefit as it greatly reduces the chance for camera shake when releasing the shutter.

I`m a full time working photographer been with canon and Nikon for many years, never encountered a button that light or felt the need for it . Again YMMV , I never shoot ultra tele for a living , the Em1-II / Fuji XH1 / D4 type is more than light enough .. TBH I`ve never shaken a D850 or 1DSMk3 either with the button

journalism, and nature photogs. Also, it's very similar to what they may be already using. I've shot Nikon single digit pro bodies for around 12 years now, and the G9 shutter is very similar in feel and sensitivity,

I shoot the D850 , D800E before and before those the Canon 1DS series - I have shot a D4 and D3S (though they`re sports cameras and not geared to my work) and none had a hair trigger like that G9, they were about the same as the EM1-II (notably Lighter than the D850 / D810/ D800E and way lighter than a Canon 1DS MK1/2/3 )

and LCD have individual settings for contrast, brightness, saturation, etc., so since you had tried a used one it's entirely possible that it might have been set to something different than the norm.

Nope, I reset it after loading up the latest Firmware (it was on an early one)

as I said in the (much needed on these forums) Disclamer - YMMV and in your case it does , glad you`ve been able to get on with it , I wish I had ...

Fair enough, you know you. As long as you're happy with what you chose, rock it.

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