G9, any good?

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Re: G9, any good?

Cafe Racer wrote:

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Cafe Racer wrote:

epozar wrote:

G9 EVF exhibits a pincushion distortion, quite annoying if you are into architecture for example.

Unacceptable for a flagship camera in my opinion.

But 99% of us have never seen it. I'm still not sure what it is.

99%! How did you arrive at that figure? I would have no idea what percentage of units are affected. Here's what it looks like.

To be fair, you have to remember that not everybody uses the EVF with the same settings, so they may very well not see the pincushioning to the extent others might.

The photo above shows the EVF being used in Monitor style and what looks to be the full-sized setting as well. That combo will show off the pincushioning at its worst, but for someone like myself who shoots with the EVF set to Viewfinder style (hate anyting in the framing area other than AF points) and also at one of the smaller sizes (eyeglasses), the pincushion appears notably less.

This is why people considering a camera - any camera for that matter - really owe it to themselves to test it first-person.

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