G9, any good?

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Re: G9, any good?

Terrible Photographer wrote:

epozar wrote:

G9 EVF exhibits a pincushion distortion, quite annoying if you are into architecture for example.

This alone DQ's the G9 for me. I don't know how that could have been signed off as something that was acceptable.

IMO, the G9's alright. But it lacks PDAF and has a jenky viewfinder. I almost exclusively shoot my cameras in C-AF, so having that nausea-inducing AF wobble is just not okay.

For the price, shooting stuff that doesn't move, and if you don't use the viewfinder,the G9's great. Otherwise I agree with DPReview where the E-M1.2 is ultimately the better camera.

I had a GF1 in 08 and outside of its weird color, it was a great camera. Used a GH3 for a hot second on some video projects, but haven't owned a Panasonic since, though. Much prefer Olympus's control schemes, it was easier to customize to match my Nikon's when I was making the move to Micro 4/3rds for my business.

Everyone's different, but I think you're really over-playing the viewfinder issues. Pincushion drives some people insane just because, but the truth is it's very minor in reality. It's never been an issue for me and I shoot all kinds of subjects including fairly technical ones.

The "wobble" is also very minor and nowhere near as bad as some make it out to be. It's like just the fact that it's there at all bugs some folks, but most of the time it's barely noticeable. I shoot AF-C pretty often for sports and such and I don't even pay attention to it. It's defintely less than any mirrorless I've had before, and I don't find it any more distracting than when I use AF-C on my Nikon pro bodies either.

Sounds to me like you just like Olympus' implementations better in general, which is fine, but what you're saying about the G9 seems a bit disingenuous based on my experience with it.

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