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Re: G9, any good?

AdamT wrote:

These are My findings - YMMV

I tried a used one from a shop for a whole day and loved the state of the art ergonomics and that ISO100 doesn`t lose any dynamic range , build is excellent , it takes nice and cheap GH3/GH4 batteries , loadsa function buttons and even has decent IBIS , the Top LCD is real useful, both card slots are UHS2 and the door easy to open , the camera isn`t heavy for its size and is notably smaller than a DSLR like a D7200, D610 or a Canon 90D .. this camera has the fastest and most accurate single point Single AF in the business IMO ..

I found two things which drove me away from it to the point of deal killer , first is the shutter button, it`s so feather light that you can take numerous pics of your feet just doing the "Half press to come out of image review mode" that many of us do automatically, it also is hard to hold it in the half press when focus recomposing (I HATE back button focus) and even grabbing the camera can result in numerous frames - the camera was dead in the water with this alone as I shoot DSLRs for my Job, I`d never get used to it ..........

Second is the EVF . Lauded by many and it is massive but they bit off more than they could chew with the optics , not only is it pincushioned (regardless of size chosen) but the corners go blurry if you move your eye and it can be very distracting . I also found that the thing looked oddly underexposed in the highlights compared to the LCD (or my GX8`s EVF) but not in other areas - very confusing when gauging exposure ..

Thankfully these two issues in panasonic seem to be unique to the G9 - I`ve never used or had another pan model with them anyway , the EVF and Shutter button on my GX8 are Bang on .

Other things I didn`t get on with which arent deal killers are - I found the grip a bit too fat to use with a wrist strap and the position of the Disp button irritating (Kept trying to delete stuff with it - prob because I`m used to older panasonic bodies) ... then there`s the lack of Power contact in the hotshoe so you can`t use the tiny little Olympus FL-LM3 Bounce and swivel weathersealed flash whereas you can on the GX80, GX8, GH5 etc

I ended up with a mint used EM1-II from a dealer with warranty for £650, the LCD EVF isn`t perfect either but it doesn`t try to give me migraines - the shutter button is light too but not G9 light by any stretch . Love the amazing IBIS, the size and grip are perfect for me and the two lenses I want (which I`d buy for the GX8 anyway) are Both Oly anyway (the 12-40 and 12-100), i`m sure they`d have worked on the G9 ..

I bet Panasonic would have the capability to do Sony-killing C-AF with PDAF if they`d only get off that dead DFD horse and do it .. they`ve gone far further with CDAF than anyone else , I`m sure their PDAF would be amazing

As long as you found a camera that works for you, great - the EM1-II is a decent piece of kit.

About the G9 it's a shame you didn't give it more time. The shutter may feel odd if you've only used it for a day or two, but guarantee had you used it longer you would have no issue with it. It took maybe 2-3 days at most to get used to mine and I've heard the same from others. One thing to remember with the G9 is that they originally geared it towards semi-pro and pro level shooters, and for those folks the lighter shutter button is a benefit as it greatly reduces the chance for camera shake when releasing the shutter. This is particularly useful for people who're shooting long telephotos, like sports, journalism, and nature photogs. Also, it's very similar to what they may be already using. I've shot Nikon single digit pro bodies for around 12 years now, and the G9 shutter is very similar in feel and sensitivity, which to me makes it feel very responsive and transparent to use. No problems holding half-press for long periods or to maintain focus for follow-ups. Anyway, point is for those that might be put off by a sensitive shutter button, you will very likely get used to it pretty quickly.

As for the viewfinder, it really depends on the person. The pincushion is there to a degree, but at least for myself, it doesn't bother me at all. I don't pay any attention to it and it's never gotten in the way of anything I've ever shot including architecture, artwork, products, and so on. As for the corners, as an eyeglasses wearer, I've never had a camera that hasn't had the corners obfuscated in some way, so I don't know if I would knock the G9 for being the same. Even my Pentax 645 has this issue for me.

As for the highlights issue you mention, I can't say anything. I've never noticed it wth mine and there's a lot of things that can affect that like picture profiles. Also, the EVF and LCD have individual settings for contrast, brightness, saturation, etc., so since you had tried a used one it's entirely possible that it might have been set to something different than the norm. I will say that, like any EVF, it can be a bit dim in bright full sunlight, but it's far better in that respect than any EVF I've had before and overall is an excellent experience for the most part.

Anyway, not trying to be critical, but I've had a G9 for about 1.5 years now and wanted to give some counterpoint based on that experience.

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