Switching from iMac to MBP

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Re: Switching from iMac to MBP

Michael49 wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

Most external notebook drives will run off bus power. You can get these in 4 TB and 5 TB sizes now. They typically have USB-A plugs at the computer ends of their cables, but you can get replacement cables that have USB-C at the computer end.

Some drives sold for Windows PC come formatted using NTFS. It's OK to buy those, but you need to format them using HFS+ (Mac OS Extended, Journaled, Not Case Sensitive).

Once a drive is in HFS+ format, you can copy files from your 3 TB WD My Book Studio drive, using drag and drop, or a backup program like Carbon Copy Cloner.


Would I still use the Time Machine backup from my current backup disk to transfer other (non photo) data to the MBP? I guess that is where I'm confused. I want to use Time Machine to transfer data to my new MBP, but not the data (mostly photos) on my external HD - that I want only on an external HD (as it is now).

If you use Migration Assistant to copy your data to the new machine, you will be able to select what is copied.

For disk to disk copy of your photos data, you could also use the command line utility rsync. Probably faster than drag & drop with the Finder, but if you're not familiar with such things, just use Finder. Either way, connect both drives to the MBP.

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