Switching from iMac to MBP

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Re: Switching from iMac to MBP

Tom_N wrote:

Most external notebook drives will run off bus power. You can get these in 4 TB and 5 TB sizes now. They typically have USB-A plugs at the computer ends of their cables, but you can get replacement cables that have USB-C at the computer end.

Some drives sold for Windows PC come formatted using NTFS. It's OK to buy those, but you need to format them using HFS+ (Mac OS Extended, Journaled, Not Case Sensitive).

Once a drive is in HFS+ format, you can copy files from your 3 TB WD My Book Studio drive, using drag and drop, or a backup program like Carbon Copy Cloner.


Would I still use the Time Machine backup from my current backup disk to transfer other (non photo) data to the MBP? I guess that is where I'm confused. I want to use Time Machine to transfer data to my new MBP, but not the data (mostly photos) on my external HD - that I want only on an external HD (as it is now).

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