Switching from iMac to MBP

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Re: The long and the short of it

johnbandry wrote:

The short answer is that there are several USB-C bus-powered drives that can replace your current external.

The longer answer is:

  1. You'll want two drives - one for backup.
  2. You might consider whether you really need to take all your photos with you, or whether you can leave the bulk (older stuff) behind on an archive (of which you would, of course, have multiple backups), while keeping the meta-data in your single LR catalogue on the portable drive.
  3. Smart Previews might also help you.
  4. If you can archive the bulk of your photos, you might be able to make do with the internal storage on the MBP (1TB?). Then you'd just need an external for backup.
  5. Depending on the sort of connectivity you expect, there may be a cloud solution that would help you.

The LR gurus here probably have more detailed ideas around 2, 3 and 5.

Thanks for the info.

I only have about 1TB on my current external drive and I think I would prefer to keep all of my photos available if I can.

I will likely be in places with limited connectivity - I have considered the cloud as a backup solution, but not as my sole storage.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the simplest method of transferring all of the data from my current external HD to a new one?

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