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Re: maybe Pentax could show innovation

bob5050 wrote:

cport wrote:

Now in this declining market it would make even less sense to continue with this strategy. Ricoh GR was announced in 2013, its first significang upgrade GR III was released in 2019. Nowadays, mainly because of GR and Theta projects, Ricoh Imaging has relatively good financial numbers especially in comparison with other brands.

People don't seem to get this and I'm not sure why. The market is objectively contracting, and any attempt to spend on R&D as if the sales bubble revenue stream were endless is a very bad move from a purely financial/business point of view. It's unsustainable.

Nor is it necessary at this point. In every field that gets invaded by computerization, there's a decade of revolutionary advances that eventually subsides. It happened with PCs, it happened with printers and copy machines, it happened with cellphones, it's happened with cameras. Once the low-hanging fruit of initial computerization is eaten, real improvements get harder and slower again. R&D has to continue--but it's not going to result in the frenetic advances we've experienced in the recent past.

Can anyone say that they think Canon's or Nikon's model-to-model evolution is as significant as it once was? Does anyone go out and get the new model every time any more? Sales figures indicate not. Cell phone makers have hit the same brick wall: releases eliciting 'ho-hum' responses rather than 'oh wow' check-out lines. Rapid turnover is technically unmerited, and people do notice that.

Would I like Pentax to be a bit faster? Sure--especially with regard to refreshing their lens line-up. But the idea of releasing new flagship cameras every year or two is increasingly a thing of the past from both business and technical perspectives.


That is very relative. I agree that if a camera has great specs it doesn't make sense to upgrade too often. The GR for example is pretty much class-leading and should hold it's ground against competition in street photography etc. for a while.

However, the K3 is pretty old, and some Pentaxians don't find the KP a suitable replacement (not me, I love my KP!). So an upgraded camera is quite needed, and it's not like there isn't any new technology available- better AF, AF tracking, better video specs, better jpeg processing, better in-camera RAW processing, better buffer and serial shots, , higher resolution sensors, high-res modes, eye-AF..

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