Laptop broke. Can iPad Pro work as my photography tool?

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Re: Laptop broke. Can iPad Pro work as my photography tool?

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If you go to YouTube there are many videos available of the topic. Different conclusions based on exactly what folks want to achieve.

If your laptop is your only computer I would say the answer is likely "No" for the following reasons:

1. Photoshop on iPad is currently very limited compared to desktop version. There is a relatively inexpensive iOS program called Affinity photo which intended to function like PS. I don't use either so I have no input on that.

2. LR on the iPad is a cloud product. Not the same capability as the desktop version of Lightroom Classic and no printing capability. It also requires that all your original files be stored in the cloud. There is a desktop product called Lightroom.

Not true. I use Lightroom on my iPad pro and have no cloud storage. The cloud is really only needed if you want to be able to sync your activities between multiple editing devices.

3. Screen sharing requires an Apple TV device.

If you also have a desktop PC and your laptop was for travel there is a way to link the iPad to the desktop. I won't go into that now until I learn more about your situation.

I've seen a few workflow outlines but it seems they're at least somewhat outdated.

Do you still have a main computer with your catalog? I'm not sure the best way to get my RAW photos to/from my iPad. It also could be possible that a photo hits my ipad before being fully imported into my main catalog vs everything imported into catalog and picking a photo or a few to edit on ipad.

Of course it gets more complicated if I've imported a set of photos and maybe it would be nice to cull/select photos from ipad. Hmmm!

I do have a desktop PC with Lightroom Classic. That is my main LR workflow system.

If I am going to travel and I want to be able to edit, on the road, images that are on my PC, I create a collection in LR and add the desired images to the collection. LR will sync smart previews to the cloud and I can access and edit them on the iPad. Any edits are synced back to the PC. This is not a requirement if you don't want to edit existing images.

Here's an article on one approach:

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