Negative drying after Developing help please

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Several thoughts

I have just got myself into Home 35mm film developing with my new Patterson kit.

After a few failed attempts at getting the film onto the spool and all the way on, I have now mastered that.

The one thing I just cannot seem to master and get right is the drying of the negatives once they are out of the Patterson tank and being hung with the clips to dry.

On the final rinse, I add 5ml of fotospeed RA50 Rinse aid to 1000ml water and rinse the negs through

I don't know the Fotospeed RA50 Rinse Aid, but 5 ml of it sounds to me like too much for 1000 ml of water. I'd probably try using considerably less. In any case double-check its directions.

clearing the soap bubbles with clean water.

Ah, "clean water"? What is that? IMO what you really want is distilled water, so you don't get the minerals, chlorine, etc. that are in most tap and bottled waters. I used to buy it, inexpensively, by the gallon at the drug store.

This is then when it goes wrong. The Patterson film Squeggie soaked in warm water and a dab of rinse aid just will NOT dry the film without leaving streaks, marks, scratches. Its awfal. Ive tried it gently, hard, dry, wet, and every single film seems to be ruined.

I cannot imagine why it was generally thought a good idea to squeegee film. That sounds to me like a recipe for trouble. I've never done it, and cannot see myself doing it. IMO your final rinse should be in distilled water with just a very small amount of rinse aid, then you take the film out slowly and just hang it to dry. Even in my humid house, a few hours was usually fine, and overnight always enough, to get the negatives dry and generally spot-free. At that point I cut them to length and put them in PrintFile pages, and put those in PrintFile enclosed binders, until I was ready to print (or scan) them.

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