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Re: Another cheater - "winner"...

Hello Dman3,

You may be missing the point here.  No amount of whinning and/or complaining here will ever get DPR to change/upgrade the challenges.  However, that's not saying that there are no benefits to participating in them.  I, for one, just discovered that I have my monitor way too bright.  So while my images look good on my screen, others were seeing them as flat and dull.  Also, evaluating/voting in the challenges has taught me about the importance of several different compositional principles.  Framing, edge control, balance, leading lines, post processing (and the list goes on) are things I saw in pictures, but didn't really understand how and why they can help tell a story, or express an emotion (a good example being  Jill's winning image in the recent Winter Challenge, check it out!). Evaluating, carefully, and in full screen mode (not from a cell phone), and lots of private messaging have opened my eyes to seeing what helps in making a good design, and I still have a lot more to learn!  It seems like I learn something new in each challenge that I get involved in.  And finally, IMO, there is another very valuable reason to enjoy these challenges.  I've found several friends here, who are either struggling to get better, or are happy to help those of us who are struggling. It's great to share in our failures, learn what make them successes, and then, work towards not making those mistakes again.

There will always be people who do, or say, bad things, but it is up to ourselves to find the good, and then, find ways of making things better within the bounds available.  I don't think Wildbegonia was telling you to leave, I think she was trying to say "chill out, go take some photos, look at what is available in other forums, but don't let these challenges get you too upset.  Several of us do take these challenges seriously, because we take honing our photographic skills seriously, and I suspect that you do to.  So, if I can encourage you, find a few people who's work you admire, send them a few PMs (private messages) and then reach out to them when you feel you need feedback on why one of your favorite images got several low scores. There many reading this email who will vouch for my reaching out in frustration, but to their credit, I'm still here, learning a lot, and having a blast also.

I hope my comments are helpfuI,


just looked at your gallery, and really liked your "When a Wave Breaks".  As a matter of fact, I think that image is what caused me to submit an exploding mudpot bubble, instead of one of my many surf photos. 

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