Another cheater - "winner"...

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Re: Another cheater - "winner"...

dmanthree wrote:

Voting issues, sandbagging, stolen images, ignoring the capture date, it's all there. I get the forums, but convert the challenges to "shoot-ins" where you just submit your shot for viewing and comments. Honestly, the "challenge" concept is dying a natural death. That photo stolen right from the Playboy site is a prime example.

It is rather a long lingering death. The Playboy theft shot, although amazingly brazen and well spotted, was submitted 7 and a half years ago. Nearly all my entries and many of yours have been since then and the challenges have given me pleasure most of the time. For a while I gave up but have come back to them with some renewed enthusiasm.

If the fun has stopped for you, take a break from entering and vote instead to try to dilute the bad elements. Or walk away from your computer and phone and smell the roses!

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