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Allan Brown
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problem with auto tubes/close-up lenses and OIS/IBIS

I have talked about this before in other threads.

One big problem when using a lens with tubes or close-up lenses is the OIS/IBIS settings.

The OIS/IBIS does not know the resulting focal length of the lens combination and you cannot tell the camera. The OIS/IBIS will be set to what the lens says its focal length is.

If using handheld and not on a tripod, this results in a very shaky image that makes focusing or composition difficult.

I have this problem with my 45-200 with either my Olympus Mcon35 or my Auto tubes. The camera sees the range 45-200mm and sets the IBIS accordingly. I cannot over-ride this.

You can turn the OIS/IBIS off, but you will still have the shaky image.

A solution, that I have not tried yet, is to use tubes that have no electrical contacts with a body that has IBIS and turn off OIS if the lens has it. This will then allow you to tell the body the focal length of the combination.

You may not know exactly what it is but you can easily enter numbers till the IBIS works properly.

So, for those about to buy a set of tubes, consider a non-electrical set. Or, buy a manual lens.

BTW, the 45-200 does work very well for close-up photography. The photo below is a stack taken with the 45-200 with tubes. I used a tripod.


6 image stack taken with a Panasonic 45-200 (175mm) plus tubes

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