Panasonic 14-42 Powerzoom Lens - Turning Off OIS

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Re: Panasonic 14-42 Powerzoom Lens - Turning Off OIS

Wagstm wrote:

I’ve just bought a Panasonic 14-42 Power Zoom lens. I know there are mixed views about this lens – but I’m very pleased with it. I will probably use it on a tripod at some time in the future and conventional wisdom seems to be to turn off the OIS if I do this. I’m assuming this is the lens OIS by the way (which might be an incorrect assumption!). But how? There is no OIS switch on the lens and despite carrying out every search you can think of I cannot find any instructions on how to do this – other than a couple of search results that mention it is ‘via the camera’s menu’. But where in the menu? I can find the camera’s OIS settings easily enough and there’s also a menu item labelled ‘Power Zoom’ but nothing about OIS for the lens. I’m beginning to suspect I’m missing the blindingly obvious here (and apologies if I am) but if the lens OIS can be turned off I would be very grateful if anyone can point me to the correct method of doing it. The camera I’m using by the way is a Panasonic GX8. Very many thanks. Mark W

As far as I know, the Panasonic 14-42 Power Zoom lens (which I used to have) isn't compatible with Panasonic's Dual IS system (which combines the in-lens OIS with the camera body's IBIS system, where the latter is present - and there is a second-generation version of Panasonic IBIS in the GX8); therefore with this lens, the OIS in the lens will be the system in operation.

Since the lens has no physical OIS on/off switch, the camera's menu setting for stabilisation (near the end of the Record menu, which is the one with the camera icon tab) operates as the master switch for the stabilisation system - so setting it to Off will turn off the OIS in the lens if (as in this particular lens and body combination) that is the only system being used, whilst with a non-stabilised lens fitted, it would instead turn off the GX8's in-body stabilisation, as that would be the system in operation.  If a lens compatible with Dual IS was fitted, where both systems work together, it would turn off both - there is not a way to choose which one to use if both are available - it's either both or neither. On an OIS Panasonic lens which has a switch, the lens switch operates as the master for the stabilisation instead of the camera menu - whether it's an OIS-only combination or Dual IS in concert with the IBIS in the GX8.

I found that the lens was pretty good optically - but that it is only able to show its full potential when used with e-shutter (or silent mode) in the GX8, as it is rather vulnerable to showing the effect of vibration from the action of a fully mechanical shutter - and the GX8 has a rather sharp, shocky action.  For my GX8 + 14-42 PZ I saw the sharpness fall markedly at 42mm with shutter speeds around 1/80 to 1/200 (particularly 1/125 to 1/160) with the mechanical shutter, whilst the effect was absent with e-shutter.  When the lens was used on Panasonics (and Olympus bodies) with either a softer full mechanical shutter action or, better still, electronic first curtain shutter options, its results were also either largely free or free (respectively) of any softening.

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