Christopher Frosts Review of the RF 24-105 f4-7.1

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Re: Christopher Frosts Review of the RF 24-105 f4-7.1

Tmjc wrote:

I have to say I'm rather disappointed with the optical quality. I probably expected too much of this cheap lens but the 24-240 had me hopeful. Canon seems to have taken a similar approach at 24mm and rely heavily on in camera corrections. Unfortunately it isn't as sharp as the 24-240mm though. At wider angles it only really gets sharp in the middle of you stop down to around f8.

The reviewer's narrative is .."(at 24mm and f4) ...very good resolution and reasonable contrast".

Surprisingly it is pretty good at 105mm at 7.1 and very good at f8.

I looked at his reviews of both the RF 24-105 lenses. I made screen shots of the weakest part of the L lens which is the corners at 105mm f4, and the weakest part of the STM lens which is the corners at 24mm f4.

When I compare the screenshots side by side I notice differences in the rendition of the target with some odd artefacts in the STM version but the  resolution is about the same.

I have not posted the screenshots for fear of breaching DPR advertising rules, however the material is there for all to see.

I think much of the negative comment about this lens is premature.

Wait until more users have the lens in hand and make lots of pictures with it and  report back to the forum.

Mine has been on order for over a month and held up in the Covid19 lockdown.


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