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Re: Windows 10 color management

DerKeyser wrote:

Soul Collector wrote:

Thanks again. Just an update—I was able to check the 'use windows display cal' box, but it had no effect. However, when I started Eizo's Color Nav software, it warned me that window was using that mode, and it recommended going in and unchecking that box.

I think my basic problem is just that many aspects of win 10 are not color managed, including the desktop background. I'm guessing there's not really any "fix" since it's something MS would need to implement.

At any rate, it's not a huge deal. I started using Fastone viewer to look at shots on my screen, and it does color management correctly. Also, Firefox does it right, too, so things on the web look proper as well. I will just have to accept the fact that windows sucks in certain regards

Interesting that your Eizo software recommends disabling that feature. Wonder if it is because “double” management might happen if the software is not aware of Windows’ option for doing it - as in:

Color managed software corrects its output based on profile, but the data sent to the display driver is then “corrected” by Windows as well?

Anyhow, my displays seems fairly well corrected both within Lightroom and on the Windows Desktop with that option enabled. I have not noticed effects on images sent on to other devices - they look very much like they did on my display - if it is a decent sRGB capable display that’s not too much in Asian “colorsplash mode”

I just ran a calibration on the Eizo, and this time, I set it to target sRGB.  Since it has a few slots to save the internal cals, I now have one for its native color space, and one for sRGB.

When I use the sRGB cal, windows look correct again (icons are no longer super saturated, and the colors in the rest of the GUI look normal).  Also, desktop wallpapers look correct.

I can flip back and forth at the press of a button, which is nice, but I suspect I'll keep it in sRGB most of the time.  For me, the extra wide color gamut is basically useless because most of my uses for the monitor are web browsing and photo editing (to share online), and the standard for both of these things is sRGB.  I kind of feel like I wasted money paying for the extra color gamut, but I guess not really because it's not like I could've ordered this monitor with only 100% sRGB coverage, and not the extra Adobe RGB.

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