Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Re: Trying film again after years of shooting digital

Daniel wrote:

Autonerd wrote:

Dunno if you saw, but I wrote a review of this camera on 35mmc which was linked here for Film Friday. Got lambasted in the comments from people who apparently either a) didn't read the article or b) don't have much of a sense of humor, but that was my finding: Heavy and ridiculously over-complicated to use, but also an absolutely wonderful camera. I enjoy it very much, and it keeps my biceps toned.


Nope, hadn't seem that (I have now), and those readers didn't lambast you; your article also appeared on DPReview (where I saw it first), and there they were more difficult. In general, I find people on DPReview a great deal less forgiving. Plus, you have all the brand loyalists who love to diss anything other than their own choices. To be fair, the vast majority of people here are not like that, and it depends on the forum.


I think you're right about it depending on the forum. Sadly, it isn't even brand loyalists, there's the tedious dslr-mirrorless roundabout, and I've just suffered from reading on the Nikon Fx forum various D700 zealots who essentially attempt to spam how wonderful that camera body is and how other systems are "just toys!!!" - complete with three exclamation marks!!! Anyone who doesn't agree with their opinion must be burned at the stake!!!

The good news is that this forum, the adapted lens forum and the Fuji one, for example, are much more self-aware with less of the opinionated stuff, coupled with more experience I suspect.

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