Canon Pro-100 and Kirkland (Costco) Glossy Photo Paper

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Re: Canon Pro-100 and Kirkland (Costco) Glossy Photo Paper

Raymondo17 wrote:

>Been printing within Photoshop from my new Canon Pro-100 using Kirkland Glossy Photo Paper. I'm using the Canon profile listed as:

Canon Pro-100 <GL><PP> 1/2 Photo Paper Plus Glossy&Gold<

Where do you find this Canon Glossy&Gold profile? I've downloaded the latest driver software and the closest thing I see that shows up in Photoshop's print dialog box is "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II" and "Photo Paper Plus Glossy II A."

Because it's 'complicated'.

The design of the ICC profile format allows for a 'description' field inside the file. *SOME* imaging apps use the actual filename (that you can see), and other apps use this internal description field. The file name does NOT have to be the same as the description field.

That is what you're seeing. The Canon profile is 'Canon PRO-100 series GL1.icc' and if you examine the file (on a Mac, you'd use the Colorsync utility), you'd see that the internal description for that is 'Canon Pro-100 <GL><PP> 1/2 Photo Paper Plus Glossy&Gold'

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