Pentax DA 70mm Limited - Possible oily residue inside lens?

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Re: Pentax DA 70mm Limited - Possible oily residue inside lens?

[the next steps, again with disclaimer]

I take no responsibility for whatever you do, or anyone who reads this does. Whatever happens, i am out of it. When this disclaimer/limitation cannot apply do to your local laws, or for whatever reason, including that you do not agree, do not even start, stop here and do not read the rest. By reading what follows you confirm you read and understood this part. You have been warned.

4b. A better view of the removed black plastic ring.


5. And a view of the unscrewed back optical block.


6. The diaphragm assembly is now exposed, there is no glass left on the way to it. One might be tempted to attempt cleaning just from the backside, at this step. It is a bad idea, do not do that. Anything that falls down to the glass under it will be very difficult to remove, although you can open the diaphragm with the lever.


7. Opening the front side is somewhat trickier, as you need to remove the ring with concentric striations. Have patience, use commensurate amount of force and more patience again. It is glued beneath. Google phone opening tools and videos to get some inspiration. Use non-metallic tools here and avoid by all means scratching the front element. It may sound scary, but just be cautious.


8. These are the screws hiding under it. Unscrew them. Be extremely organized, and do it only after you have a clear plan on how to store the screws in such a way that you can put each screw exactly where it came from afterwards. They look the same, they are not the same.

8. [to continue in the next post]

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