Setup for product photography at home?

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Hardware Store

A couple of cheap metal clamp work lamps from your local big box store, paired up with a couple of good quality fluorescent or LED bulbs. (Then manually set your white balance either to the color temp. or use a gray card or white paper.)

Some white foam board or construction paper for reflectors. Since they run pretty cool to the touch, you can rig up your own diffuser material (shower curtain, clear plastic bowls, etc.) over the lamps. Tape or glue some shiny aluminum foil down to the poster board if you need more of a reflective punch. A few small clamps / clothes pins / clips for positioning everything.

Other papers or fabrics for a background and adjusting the lighting to your taste. The flooring / tile section of the hardware store is a great spot for different textures to place your items on.

About $30 and you're started!

Hit up your favorite search engine and type in "DIY photo studio" and "homemade photo studio" to see some good examples of what you can do without spending too much.

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