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Re: Nikon apology for postponement of the Z 24-200 release date

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

Eddy Philippe wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

It's smart to wait for multiple reviews. So many times before lenses were touted before the release and lots of them turned out to be duds. I personally hope this one is reasonably good, I would like to buy one, but it's a superzoom, so being skeptical is the right approach.

Another option: Amazon is offering free returns on this lens in the US, so can you can try it for up to 30 days and return it if you don’t like it

Do you really think free returns are free? It represents a business loss that gets passed along to all buyers in the form of higher prices. I would like to see companies go back to charging restocking fees and allow the "try it for free" crowd to pay the costs involved. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen.

The returns are free to the buyer - I never intended to imply that no one incurs any cost when they happen. Amazon and other sellers have started operating under this business model because their research has shown that a satisfied consumer is likely to spend more freely, as they can be assured of not getting stuck with something they don't like.

Yes, this extra cost-of-doing-business is undoubtedly passed on to the company's customers. However, a happier and freer-spending consumer is good for the economy in general. More commerce, more prosperity.

So I would argue this new business model is good for everyone. Of course, if a particular consumer is bothered by it, then they are free to purchase from vendors that do not offer it.

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