New MBP 13": Real world difference in 10th Gen processor?

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Re: New MBP 13": Real world difference in 10th Gen processor?

joger wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

CBR1100XX wrote:

Have the CPU model numbers come out yet?

I don't believe that Apple is in the habit of publishing CPU model numbers. However, if you go to the Intel site where Intel lists CPUs, you can usually figure it out. Typically a combination of (CPU generation, CPU type, number of cores, clock speed, Turbo Boost clock speed) will uniquely match a particular CPU entry. Apple gives you all of those individual attributes, and then the Intel CPU entry gives you the rest.

Public knowledge for the well informed for several weeks now

They are i7-1038NG7 and i7-1068NG7

(read my posts)

BTW these are non standard Intel chips - they have a smaller package tailored for Apple.

Thanks for the info, and for Tom_N I use everymac to get the info but looks like they take a little time to update the database.  The new Air's are up but not the MBP 13's

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