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Re: output in sRGB

Billiam29 wrote:

ormdig wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

tkbslc wrote:

Windows defaults to sRGB. If your image is in sRGB, then no color management needed.

Unfortunately this isn't so.

Windows doesn't default to anything. It doesn't colour-manage the desktop.

If the desktop background image is sRGB and you use a standard gamut monitor (normally sRGB) then colours will be approximately right (depending how close your monitor is to sRGB).

With a wide-gamut monitor, sRGB images will be over-saturated.

Hi, I use 2 wide gamut monitors and export in Adobe RGB. I use the old Windows Photo Viewer on my slideshow and color are correct,

The old Windows Photo Viewer is a fully color managed application. The OP was referring to desktop wallpaper display which Simon and I are saying is not color managed in Windows.

Hi, I use the old Windows Photo Viewer in W10 to manage my wallpaper display. W10 Photos is definitely not color managed but you can activate the old viewer and use it. I don't remember what I did to activate it but I got the idea from a discussion on this forum,

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