Another cheater - "winner"...

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Re: Another cheater - "winner"...

Ditto, jh2bh,

I have been encouraged by a few very talented photographers on this site to VOTE.  It was one of the best suggestions I have ever received on this site.  Taking the time to carefully evaluate each entry, in a full screen mode, is teaching me "What makes a photo good".  The fact that my entry gets a high rating may make me feel proud, but what good has really happened?  Did I learn anything?  After casting 10,000 deligent votes, I have a much better understanding of why my low ranking images got the ratings that they did.  It's easy to blame cellphones and extra accounts for low ratings, but consultation with seasoned members has taught me that I miss lots of important details when I go through my editing/post-processing process.

Voting/evaluating images helps so much in learning what makes a picture 'good', and also, where, and how, an image can be improved.  Another fun part of voting is in comparing your own voting results with the finalized rankings,  This is a great calibrator in honing your evaluation skills.  It is also useful for helping others when their "good picture" doesn't jive with their final rankings.  Because, as  we have all seen, good images still get .5s.  If more people voted (and voted honestly) then those few .5s would not impact the final rankings as much.

So,,, to anyone reading this email, please consider voting!  The rewards will help in developing a more discerning eye, and therefore, make you a better photographer.


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