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I have gone through most of the non-expensive long telezooms.

I would would prefer the Oly 75-300mm.

My 45-200mm (in 2010) at 200mm was too soft wide open for me to be happy with it. At f/9 it delivered photos that I was OK with, although they were never super sharp. I sold it, and started a journey through other non-expensive tele-zooms.

Oly 45-150mm is inexpensive and OK. But there is no stabilization, which was an issue with earlier Pana bodies. I still have it, as its resale value is quite low. Some of the images I have shot with it are perfect.

Pana 45-150mm is a bit more expensive, but has stabilization. Image qualitywise mine was almost the same as my Oly 45-150mm. Was not too happy with though, even if I have to say that much of the video I did with it at 4K looks very very good. I ended up selling it.

Pana 35-100mm was a revelation to me: very small, very sharp (even pixel-peeped), not too expensive. I have no complaints about it at all (except maybe that it is a bit slow, but that does not bother me at all, for the type of shooting I do with it, carry around in the jeans front pocket on vacation trips... Right, the one problem with it is that its lens hood sucks.)

The Pana 35-100mm is too short even for casual birding and stuff (maybe the half-tame parrots in Australia would be fine...), so I bought the Oly 75-300mm. It is sharp, but not super-sharp. Sharper than the Pana 45-150mm, much sharper than my Pana 45-200mm was, and at least as good as the Oly 45-150mm even wide open. Only minuses are the lack of stabilization (relevant for video, as the GX85 IBIS is not quite effective enough to hold the image stable for longer times when shooting at 300mm), and that is it is huge in comparison to the Pana 35-100mm :-P, and that the several times more expensive Oly 300mm f/4 is better and faster.

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