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threw the lens wrote:

ormdig wrote

What you all seem to be missing here is that these lenses are made for sports and action shooting. I think all of the 3rd party makers have come a long ways in image quality to the point there isn't a lot of difference in most situations. Where Nikon and Canon smoke the 3rd party lenses is in focus speed and accuracy, especially where the subject is moving toward or away from the camera. There hasn't been a 3rd party lens yet that can compare,

That's because you are on the Nikon SLR lens forum and don't see enough of the rest. Sigma Sports is sports by name, and sports by nature. To talk of the Sigma as if it is the same as the Tamron is just complete ignorance. No excuse.

I shoot with people who use Tamron and Sigma lenses on Canon and Nikon bodies. Also Sony with Sony lenses and 1 guy who shoots a Fuji with his Canon lenses. All of them gripe about missed focus especially in track events where the runner is moving rapidly toward them. When the light gets low they are all gone except the Fuji guy. He uses a tripod and takes one image per race. He prefocuses on a spot and when his runner gets to that place shoots. He claims he gets every shot. I've looked on his website and he gets good stuff so it must work. I'm trying to get as many runners as I can for 1 school plus several more from other schools so I don't have that luxury.

What I say is based on experience. I never hear the Canon or Nikon people who use the f/2.8s gripe. They just do their job,

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