Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Re: Trying film again after years of shooting digital

Daniel wrote:

I did shoot a roll of two of Ilford in the days when there was no digital, but I never really cared for the result. For me, it was always Kodak film and Ilford paper.

Yeah, I liked Ilford paper as well, though I never printed outside of my B&W classes. Took color as well and can't recall the paper I used... I think I bought into a big box of Kodak paper, but it's been a while.

As a student I usually shot T-Max, because we were chasing that smaller grain (not knowing what we really wanted was 20 years in the future with digital). When I was going away to the UK for a semester abroad, I wanted to take a 100' roll of film and was fretting about what to buy. A friend of mine who was an experienced photographer turned me on to Ilford HP5+. "Treat it just like Tri-X," he said. Well, that's what I did, and I was happy enough with the results. And now I'm back to it, that and FP4+ (because I live in California now and the sun comes out).

As it happens, the company where I interned gave me all the free film I could want, but it was Fujichrome 100 and Velvia only, and I only had time to shoot at night. Needless to say I got w-a-a-a-y into long exposures like this:

Used to set up my automatic Pentax MG (with no film) on the tripod, hit the shutter, time the exposure, then swap in the loaded manual KX, same lens, and bracket 5 or 6 shots in 5-second intervals.

my sister-in-law gave me her Nikkormat which still works perfectly well. It weighs a ton and you don't want to drop it for fear of denting the sidewalk, but it's a pleasure to pick up, but changing shutter speed and ISO is a pain!

Dunno if you saw, but I wrote a review of this camera on 35mmc which was linked here for Film Friday. Got lambasted in the comments from people who apparently either a) didn't read the article or b) don't have much of a sense of humor, but that was my finding: Heavy and ridiculously over-complicated to use, but also an absolutely wonderful camera. I enjoy it very much, and it keeps my biceps toned.


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