Another cheater - "winner"...

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Re: Another cheater - "winner"...

New Day Rising wrote:

You used the word "cheater" in your first post. I would have thought that pretty much covers it.

Some of the typical symptoms of sociopathy are :

.... a disregard for rules, norms, or boundaries .

....repeatedly lying or deceiving to accomplish personal gain.

A challenge with a "date taken" restriction can't be entered if a picture was taken before "announced date" : the system automaticly rejects it. So , when the system rejected the picture , Jerry_JMK deliberately falsified the "date taken" to fool the community ( the host, co-entrants, voters and viewers) . He lied , that he saw the  scene ( including the crowd) and shot the picture on 17th April , 2020 :

In fact , the place was closed for visitors from 13th. March , 2020 :

He  begins to cheat 10 years ago... In this challenge entries have to be taken after 7th November , 2009 :

He stated , that his entry was taken on 17th November , 2009 :

The picture doesn't have exif data , but it was entered here as taken on 1st. Oct.2009 :

He posted the picture on his Flickr account ( the account is closed) on 1st. Oct.2009 :

His Flick'r user name was "elchivato"...

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