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Re: Best Drone for Photography Mainly

Harold C wrote:

I wanted a drone for photography, as I don't really take any video. One of my requirements was that the drop be portable so I could take it when I travel.

I initially bought the Mavic Air and that was great for what it was. It was super portable and took decent photos. I understood the limitations of the sensor and wasn't expecting FF, APS-C or even MFT output. I was very happy with the results. The shot of Dunnottar castle was right after sunrise, so there was very little light, given the cloudy day. There is a bunch of noise, which I expected, but am happy with the results.

When the Mavic 2 Pro was released, I quickly sold the Air and purchased the Pro for another upcoming trip to Scotland. Yes, the Pro is a bit bigger physically compared to the Air. But the increase to a 1" sensor was worth the extra weight and size in my bag. It is still fairly portable and with an extra battery, I have enough juice to fly for about an hour, which is longer than the Air with 3 total batteries. The photos have less noise when compared to the Air files.

Bottom line, I am happy with the Pro because of it's portability, weight and ease of use. If you don't need to travel with the drone, then there are a few more options.

Thanks for weighing in. I live not that far from Dunnotar, love that place. It's one of the reasons I want a drone. Some lovely shots, but a far far cry from FX image quality as you say. I think I am leaning towards the larger sensor mavic pro 2.

Thank you for the full res pictures, really helpful. You can really see the noise and colour noise in the air shots. I can see the leap in IQ on the pro, that's a lovely shot that 2nd one btw, pleasing colour too.

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