APS-C prototype focus screen etchings

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Re: "O" from "Optical"?

zakaria wrote:

Btw what is the serious benefit of getting a hybrid VF?

The benefit would be to have practically an EVF on demand, to aid focusing manual lenses (like wide angle lenses) by magnifying the image and offer focus peeking in the VF. Also offer a feedback on exposure like exposure simulation and histogram. Basically the live view feed in the VF. And would put Pentax on the map of modern, mirrorless(-like) cameras.

The most obvious disadvantages would be compromising the OVF and/or needing a larger VF hump. The LCD or OLED image would be projected somehow using a prism or mirror in the VF optical path. This could make for a darker optical image. Hopefully such a system will allow keeping the pentaprism (not switch to pentamirror). I have mixed feelings about a hybrid VF.

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