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Re: Another cheater - "winner"...

jrtrent wrote:

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I wouldn't be surprised if this date cheating happens on many images certainly in the top 1 2 and 3 images

If this is the case I would suggest that the perpetrators have serious mental health problems and should seek medical advice.

Sadly , there are no pills to treat sociopaths.

Seriously? You're declaring someone a sociopath because they cheat in a DPR photo challenge?

Don't you think it's at least an indication?

Perhaps, but a very weak one at best. On that basis you could label anyone who does something knowing it is wrong - wherever it lies on the spectrum from dropping an empty chip packet on the ground or driving at 70 km/h in a 60 zone right, through to cutting up and eating their grandmother - as a sociopath.

A desperate person might resort to wrong-doing when they don't see another way out (e.g., stealing to get food for a starving family) without its being considered sociopathic behavior, but to cheat at games, like the DPR challenges, where there is no tangible prize, where the gain might just be self-aggrandizement or the thrill of getting away with it, seems to fit WebMD's description of sociopaths and psychopaths, "People like this have a poor inner sense of right and wrong. They also can’t seem to understand or share another person’s feelings."

If a person cheats simply for the purpose of hurting others or of spoiling other people's fun, then it's more sadistic than sociopathic behavior.

If they are doing it simply for that reason it could be one indication of sociopathy. I wouldn't think it likely to be sadistic as the person would have no way of knowing whether others were actually being hurt, and no way of witnessing or experiencing the pain (and therefore gaining satisfaction from it) if they were.

In any case, that assumes the person is cheating for that reason. It is at least as likely to be a manifestation of insecurity - creating an opportunity to feel better about themselves by "winning".

Either way, it also depends on whether cheating on DPR falls within a spectrum of wrongful behaviours - whether it is one of many ways the person seeks to harm others or to feel better about themselves - or whether it is an aberration among a set of otherwise "normal" behaviours.

Still, I think labelling someone a sociopath when essentially nothing is known about them except they broke the rules in an ultimately insignificant photography competition (one known for the regular violation and gaming of its rules, for what that's worth) is a bit OTT (Over The Top).

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