Panasonic 50-200mm f/2.8-F/4

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Re: Panasonic 50-200mm f/2.8-F/4

Robjwilli wrote:

I'm primarily a Sony FF user and have plenty of big gear but would like to add a smaller, high quality, telephoto setup that is more convenient for walking and travelling light. The 100-400 and 200-600 are great but a bit on the big side for informal use. I have previously tried the 70-300 FF Sony lens and 70-350 APSC lens in crop modes but wasn't particularly happy with the results from these slower lenses.

I have used M43 gear in the past (before Sony got their act together with their 3rd gen bodies) and found it to be a very good system.

I have identified the Panasonic 50-200mm as a possible candidate given the quality to size/weight ratio. In fact I keep thinking I am missing something because it seems too good in that regard!

Couple of questions for you forum experts....

1. What body would be a good pairing for this lens? Whether Pany or Olympus I prefer a integral grip to the rangefinder style. (I previously had a Pan G7 which was a great little unit. I picked up a G9 recently and was shocked by the size and weight, it felt bigger and heavier than my FF Sony!)

2. Teleconverters- for flexibility it would be great to be able to slap on a 1.4x TC every now and then if needed. I understand that there is a Panasonic version but is the Olympus one compatible too?

Anything else I should consider? Many thanks, Rob

The G9 is larger than some Sony FF cameras, but the combination with the 50-200 is still compact for what it does.

Part of the size saving of the Sony bodies is a short distance from sensor to mount, but since sensor to first element is important this often simply makes the lenses a little longer.  While the G9 is also bulky in other ways, but the result fits well in the hand.

You can only use the Panasonic 1.4 and 2.0 converters, not the Olympus ones.  The tele-converters interleave with the lens, and only currently physically fit with the 50-200mm and 200mm PL lenses.

If you want a grip, the G9 is probably the most appropriate body.

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