Not happy with Canon RAW files

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Re: Not happy with Canon RAW files

Alastair Norcross wrote:

Bobthearch wrote:

I'm on Windows 7, and the camera is an EOS M6. I've installed the EOS Utilities and DPP.

You're using an operating system that is more than ten years old, and more than seven years older than the camera.


Upgrade your operating system.He might need more RAM

He might need more RAM, or he might need to download DPP which is specific for each camera.  He might be using an older version.  That's why Canon requires a model/serial # to download DPP.

But Win 7 has nothing to do with it.  I am running 7 and the only problem is the processor bogs down when you dump 24 MP on it.  Going from 12 to 15 no problem.  15 to 18 groan.  18 to 24 dude this is not right.

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