Change "Micro 4/3" to "Mirrorless 4/3" ?

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Re: Change "Micro 4/3" to "Mirrorless 4/3" ?

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Mirrorless is the the basic and essential change between the previous 4/3 which was an SLR based format. The mirrorless lead to ability to transmit more digital information and required the tele-centricity of the lens designs. And probably other stuff.

The "micro" has been an point of contention since the start as to if that has been a consistent quality of the cameras or lenses that have been produced ...

I agree, micro is usually a negative adjective. If they really wanted to emphasis the smallness of their camera they should have gone with "nano" and nano four thirds. Micro just sounds terrible.

Nailed it! ... as if our little sensor needs to also be spruiked as "micro"... I've often pondered the name and Mirrorless Four Thirds would have been so much better. Maybe the Pen range could have been called Micro Mirrorless 4/3, the OMD range called Medium Mirrorless 4/3 and the EM1X called Massive Mirrorless 4/3 Lol 🤔🤓

Pen is just Mini. GM1 should be the Micro!

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