Have I hit a brick wall, forcing me to buy a new PC?

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ADW02 wrote:

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Austinian wrote:k, my friends, to the [thread] that never ends."

(with apologies to Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Well, _I've_ learned a couple of useful things from it. '-)

Good, that's the way it should be. I hope others have too. Even questionable posts can be useful when other posters step in to correct them with better information.

The post I replied to just reminded me of that old song.

As far as I'm aware I've finally found the PC that fits the bill for me, and I think I'm making the best decision only because of the excellent advice I've gotten here. I've asked a lot of questions and received very informed advice. By accessing this forum first, rather than going ahead with a purchase, I've saved about $700.

I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with my DELL XPS; it's just too old for today's more complex software. The following is the system I've chosen based only on what I should actually need for photo development and manipulation. In two instances I've bought just a little more than I needed for now, but the additional cost was very little:

DELL XPS Special Edition with 9th Gen i7 9700; NVIDIA 2060 6GB card; 850 watt power supply; 16GB DDR4 RAM; 512GB SSD and 1TB 7200RPM drive; DVD drive; and the usual accessories that come with a new system. (I already have a 4TB external standard drive, and it will be great to have a USB 3.0 port for it.) In the event that an upgrade of some kind is needed it will be a simple matter of installing it in the new chassis. I was also told that when I decide to buy the DELL u2720q 4k monitor this setup should have no trouble handling it.

The price in U.S. dollars, with tax included, is $1,611.51, about $42 per month on my credit card, an amount so small that I'll hardly think about it, and I'll probably have the thing paid off by October.

I would again like to thank everyone for all the kind assistance they've given me. Unfortunately, I know I've also bought a two-sided sword, as I won't be able to blame the computer anymore for my lousy photography. But I suppose I can't have everything.

If you bought it I mean a new computer is a new computer and will last you longer but a lot of people are running all those programs on systems a good bit slower than your current one so I would try to get it working if possible.

Even if you're not going to build it up for yourself I'd grab a 256GB SSD like that MX500 for 50 bucks (or you could even go for cheaper SSD's but try to get one with DRAM), and if that does it then you'd have a very capable computer (in many photo related tasks it would be hard to tell the difference between it and the new one) that you could sell to help offset the new one and you wouldn't need to worry about your own data.

You'd knock out a bunch of variables with that one, and if you want to do some of the other troubleshooting mentioned it would be a good project in case something like this happens on your new computer so you'll know how to diagnose and possibly fix it.

If the GPU is an issue you could just take it out and use the integrated graphics and it still would be a great starter PC for someone doing photo editing with a clear upgrade path if they need to do any GPU intensive tasks.

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