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Re: Calling all Nikon Z and Alphasevenarefour fans....

Jerry-astro wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

I agree. Sometimes a lens is so good and marries up so well with a specific sensor that you get some kind of special "look" to images that can be described by fans as micro-contrast, 3D-Pop, dimensionality, depth, magic, brilliant and special - all terms that can get you in trouble but help describe what we think we see. There is just something about that kind of great glass.

I think the Mighty 16 is that was with Fuji X, along with the 56, 90, 200 and I will go so far as to say the great zoom Brick 16-55. I think the 23, 45, 32-64 and 110 are that way with Fuji GFX. And I think the F1.7 Summilux 28mm fixed lens on the Leica Q2 is another great example of that kind of special combination. We argue about sensors and sensor size a lot but it is the glass that often shines and the combination of certain pairs that cause excitement and even joy.

Nikon has a lens like that too. People talk about it all the time on the Medium Format Board because MF shooters often have high-res top-end FF gear too (and many MF shooters also instead use Fuji X instead of high-res FF as their other system. The Z is very popular and there is this one great lens that everyone talks about. Any Nikon lurkers here want to say what it is?

Same with Sony. There is one new Sony top-end and very expensive lens that Sony guys say turn the alphasevenarefour into a magic time machine of extraordinary capability. Any of you many Sony guys who read this Board cruising for opportunities care to tell us peons what lens I'm talking about? 😎 This is your opportunity to shine.

Maybe a fun exercise, Greg, but given the fact that this is, after all, the Fuji Forum, I'm sort of missing the point. I think it's fair to acknowledge that all manufacturers have what some people might call "magic" lenses, and even providing an example or two is just fine. But, I really would prefer that we keep things more focused on Fuji's lineup and gear. An occasional comparison between a Fuji lens and its competitors is fine, but it's my humble opinion that a broader "whose lenses are magic" exercise here seems to be wandering well OT.

Jerry I agree with you and I was not trying to start a lens war.  This is our beloved Fuji Board and it is not to include a lot of Fuji GFX talk,.  But that is getting even more difficult than 18 months ago when GFX really started blasting off.  GFX is such a major part of the Fuji core strategy now that it effects everything they do.  Fuji X remains the main part of that long-term strategy, but it is closely tied to GFX in many ways.

What I mean is Fuji owns APSC and made absolute hard-core decisions not to go FF a long time ago.  I think it was brilliant.  They also literally own the high-end with GFX.  By doing this they paint a target on their backs and forehead with Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic.  Even Leica....  Those FF warfare participants are not happy with this Fuji strategy and they attach Fuji APSC and MF all at one and they do so relentlessly.  They use the same tactic both directions - up and down.  They ridicule down to APSC, and they at the same time claim they are as good as GFX!  This is constant and unrelenting and it is nonsense if you ask me.  They actually help Fuji with this tactic in ways that I won't get into here.  It is a lot of free advertising for Fuji and proves that the Fuji strategy is winning.  Remember - this  is the Fuji Board!

I don't blame them.  It is a legitimate tactic.  It is business.  And one must remember that while they do that they are putting out some outstanding FF products!  I mean really enticing stuff.  Fuji APSC is the digital sweet spot and Fuji is winning big with it and GFX up there on top.  So the the ridicule and attacks on Fuji APSC will never stop.  It is part of the scene.  Same way up to GFX.  Same exact thing.  It is a threat to the FF "standard."

I understand why the Fuji Board does not include GFX and I agree.  I didn't 18 months ago at first but I do now.  The user base would just be too broad and unmanageable - from one end of the vast spectrum to the absolute other end.  But it is getting very difficult to talk about Fuji as a business and the direction they are going without considering X in relation to GFX and discussing both parts.

It is also impossible not to discuss Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic on the Fuji Board.  (I hope they all survive and thrive!)  But I agree we have to be careful and not get carried away.  That is why we have great moderators and like Chris knows on the MF Board, if I stress a point that is an irritant I will reverse course immediately, and you can also edit or delete any post I make and I don't care at all.

What I said above deserves its own thread and in the old days I would have started one on it.  But I don't want to create a stir and few people will read this buried nugget.   I don't think I haver started a thread in the 6 weeks I have been back on the Fuji Board.

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