Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Re: Calling all Nikon Z and Alphasevenarefour fans....

Jerry-astro wrote:

Geekapoo wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

Maybe a fun exercise, Greg, but given the fact that this is, after all, the Fuji Forum, I'm sort of missing the point. I think it's fair to acknowledge that all manufacturers have what some people might call "magic" lenses, and even providing an example or two is just fine. But, I really would prefer that we keep things more focused on Fuji's lineup and gear. An occasional comparison between a Fuji lens and its competitors is fine, but it's my humble opinion that a broader "whose lenses are magic" exercise here seems to wandering well OT.

Although gear can be very important, I think it less about the magic lens or magic sensor and more about the magic skills (or good eye) of the photographer. People throw money at gear with the hope of taking better pictures but instead should focus more on the process. The good news is that Fuji has an exceptional ecosphere of bodies/ general, hard to go wrong. Very enabling.

That's an excellent point that often gets lost here, because this is, after all, a gear forum. The wonderful images we see every day here are enabled by some terrific gear, but that only plays a very secondary role to the talented photographers who create and share them.

It comes up time and time again.  Why do we obsess on gear when what really matters is how good of a photographer you are and the "eye."  (Well, this is a camera gear forum.)

I think buying top gear has made me a better photographer but that is just me.  A lot of that has to do with motivation and just wanting to get out and shoot more and learn continuously and try to improve on your weaknesses.

I think the way Geek described that is very good.  Well done.

By the way, I think the best photographer in the world right now is a kid in Bangladesh that shot for several years with an old Canon digital rebel.  I think somebody I know on the MF Board who is wealthy and a great photographer found that kid and bought him a new camera this year.

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