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Sounds like you were reasonable satisfied with the old phone. Can I ask why you chose to upgrade?

I took a leap of faith on the camera system - and the more I use it the more I appreciate the improvement.

Video clips with the new camera are very good - I'm less likely to bother taking my Fuji camera with me - especially notable is the image stabilization for video and the weather proofing means I'll always take the phone regardless of the forecast.

(I also bought into the theory that the old SE is likely to lose iOS support at sometime soon whereas the new phone is powerful enough for a number of years of iOS updates)

I have a 7 and losing support is my main reason for wanting to buy the new SE, otherwise I'd stick with the 7; with trade in it makes sense to pay less than $300 for a new phone with the latest chip.

I have a 4" SE and agree with losing support. I'd still wait for the iOS 14 announcement first.

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