Trying film again after years of shooting digital

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Re: Trying film again after years of shooting digital

I really did like your Flickr page, and it made me wonder whether I should not try T Max 400 instead of my trusty old Tri-X.

Thank you for the kind words, Daniel. I shot one roll of T-Max and wasn't super-pleased with the results... a little flat and grain so fine I may as well be shooting digital (and then I'd get better contrast). Back in The Day I was always chasing the finest grain, but now of course it doesn't bother me. So I say, of the two, Tri-X all the way.

I have shot a couple of rolls of Tri-X (in fact it was the first film I shot in my new-to-me Nikomat FT2) but I find that the negatives curl a lot, so they don't sit nicely in the carrier for my flatbed scanner. I've been shooting Ilford HP5+ and it works well for me (as it did Back In The Day). I feel bad because I'm a Rochester boy but I guess with Kodak Alaris, Tri-X is now British as well...

I like your horse pic. The one I have is of my wife's two horses. A rare moment of tranquility... usually the white (gray) one tries to make friends with the brown one, and the brown one pins his ears and snaps at him. I captured one second of detente (the closed eyes were a lucky break) before the one chased off the other.

Usually I have to photo the horses with a 28mm lens because the white one wants to walk over and make friends. That day I knelt down in the arena to get a low shot and he started licking my forehead. Never seen a horse do that. It's not entirely unpleasant.


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