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Michael Benveniste wrote:

visualenvy wrote:

They are there because the F6 is still available.

The F6, like the F5 before it, works fine with "G" lenses, but not AF-P nor AF-E lenses.

Very true however just because the G lenses work doesn't mean they'll ditch those lovely D lenses just yet. They are still great options for F mount SLR and DSLR cameras.

Is there a 28mm f2.8 G lens? No but there is the D. Also 180mm f2.8 and 135mm f2 if that's your thing. They haven't replaced every D lens in a G or E variant.

Newer G and E lenses have moved to 1.4/1.8 with no 2.8 primes.

Only concerning the Z mount do the D lenses lose relevance hence my guess the future Z mount 28mm and 40mm compact primes will most likely be f2.8. In years to come when the Z mount is more prevalent will the D lenses become discontinued.

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