Who actually got into fuji for saving weight?

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Re: Who actually got into fuji for saving weight?

georgehudetz wrote:

jonathanblanchflower wrote:

Well, this was very interesting. Thanks everyone for your responses about how you got into fuji and what your thoughts are about the heavier/bigger lenses in Fuji X mount.

On the former, it seems most people did take weight into consideration when getting into fuji, with a few exceptions. The discussion seemed to steer towards comparing current fuji bodies to other offerings from other companies, to which I'd say...well...I guess fuji doesn't have a monopoly on small/light cameras haha. I would say though that although people brought up that there are many fuji cameras which are still v lite and would compete in terms of lightness with cameras like the Canon m6, it does seem like their current models are generally trending towards being bigger and heavier with each iteration (x100 series, xpro series, xt series) so maybe the theory that being a light system is becoming less and less important to fuji as a company holds water. Will this change their clientele down the road? who knows.

On the latter, I was pleased to see that no-one really begrudges fuji developing bigger and bigger lenses, but I was a little surprised no-one seemed to take issue with r&d being put towards these kinds of products. I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, but when I watched the video review of the 8-16 on DPReview, the general sentiment of Chris was that the lens was maybe a bit too big for the system and ultimately did not play to the inherent advantages of the fuji system, a sentiment which was echoed by a lot of the comments. It would be easy to say 'well, what do you expect, it's a comments section and comments sections generally = negativity at any opportunity' but from what I remember they seemed to be sincere fuji users who just felt these lenses weren't the right fit for fuji. They were enjoying living that f2 prime and 'the 10-24 is more than enough lens for me' life. The comments on an article on DPreview about the f1 were less sincere however, and I suspect there were a couple Sony users trying to get there digs in about try-hard aps-c, FF masterrace etc hahaha.

In any case, thanks again for all the stories of how y'all got into fuji and how much weight played a factor!

Thank you for starting it - this was one of the more interesting threads recently.

I do want to say that, ironically, weight has become more of an issue for me now than it was when I adopted (again, in the era of the X-Pro1 & X-T1). Not so much because Fuji bodies have become heavier, and/or the introduction of heavier lenses, but rather because of what has happened on the competitive landscape.

I agree that part of the value proposition of a crop sensor is a lighter system. Same is true for m4/3rds. But I am concerned that Fuji is loosing the beat here and is in a vulnerable position - particularly wth respect to "pro" zooms.

From that perspective, Olympus has shown the way - introducing F4 pro zooms that offer excellent optics, performance, and build quality but at a lighter weight than F2.8 lenses.

At the same time, FF mirrorless is doing the same thing. Nikon & Sony have excellent F4 zooms that are often (always?) lighter than the Fuji red-badge F2.8 zooms. Now that top-tier mirrorless bodies all tend to weigh about the same, regardless of sensor size, this is worrisome.

IMO, Fuji really needs a trio of F4 red-badge zooms to stay competitive (OK the 10-24 is pretty close to red-badge quality). And, if it can be pulled off, a 16-140 F4 red badge zoom that competes with Oly's equivalent. Lens design has moved on, and lots of us want that quality but don't need the speed.

I hope Fuji is paying attention.

I fully agree with what you said.

I own the Olympus 12-100 f4 and it's an amazing lens, way better than all Fuji standard zooms, except perhaps the 16-55 f2.8 but I wouldn't bet on it.

Olympus showed it's doable, but at a higher cost of course.

The thing is, pretty much all lenses with high zoom ratios tend to be sold as "cheap" superzooms because manufacturers believe that most prosumers are not interested in high quality, high zoom ratio lenses.

I believe Fuji needs to release a similar lens to the Olympus, maybe a bit less ambitious, but a high quality premium 16-100 f4 or 16-120 would be awesome. If it were to provide similar IQ to the Oly 12-100 f4, I'd buy it in a heart beat and I'm sure I'm not alone.

I hope Fujifilm is reading this

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