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Paul Reading wrote:

I think that Christopher Frost plays with a straight bat. I think that some lens manufacturers will not send him lenses to test for that reason.

I am not so sure. He once said that the 35/2.0 lens is sharper than the 35/1.4. It is not. I personally tested 3 of them with identical results.

Lens copies may differ, but what i've hear generically was that the 35mm f2 was sharper across the frame. However, the 1.4 images were more pleasing.

Honestly, i had a 35mm 1.4 which was so so sharp it's hard to believe anything was sharper than that. My Viltrox 85mm is also very Sharp so why can't the 33mm be as Sharp?

He said he will post test shots of his 33/1.4 vs 35/1.4 comparisons on his FB page. Where are they? I couldn't find them there. Did I overlook something?

Which 33mm 1.4?

I don't think he tested the Viltrox yet did he?

"Sharper across the frame" is what they say every time when they need to push a new product. In my experience this never had anything to do with reality. See my comparisons of 35/2.0 vs 35/1.4:

I was speaking about people here in this forum, not reviewers or sellers. I agree with you on reviewers....

My tests are not pretty, but they are accurate, Same exposure, iso, focus point location, tripod, shutter timer, etc. I didn't want to mislead me.e

The sofa shot looks like it was shot at diferent times, or at least it looks to from the light reflection.

Anyway for correct comparisons use full resolutiion shoots, not 3.5mp printscreens.

To me it doesn't matter, i had a 35mm 1.4 and loved its sharpness and rendering, just not its AF because i have a small kid.

I am not evaluating the Vitrox 33/1.4 and I am not saying whether it is sharp or not. The reviewers say that it is sharper across the frame at all apertures. I would like to see how they arrived to this conclusion. I would like to see some proper and convincing tests. One reviewer used a single (!) test shot for that . That shot shows cameras and manuals displayed in a glass cabinet, behind a thick layer of glass. The shot is extremely sloppy and miss-focused and there is no way it represents how sharp the 35/1.4 is. His bokeh comparison though shows that the 35/1.4 is sharper at the bottom of the frame. He obviously moved the focus square to different locations. What kind of a pro tests are those? A sharpens test from behind a thick layer of glass?

In his video Christopher said he tested the Vitrox, but he didn't demonstrate any proper sharpness test or samples. He said he will publish the test shots on his FB page, but I could not find them. Does he suggest we should trust what he is saying? I don't...

I only trust what i see, and even that with a grain of salt if it comes from youtube.

What these guys do is that they create a positive stigma for the new product. This is exactly what they are getting paid for. This stigma has very little, if anything to do with that product performance. I and lots of other people have experienced this time and time again and this time is no different.

For me lens have 3 important points:

1 - Price (if out of my budget i won't look at it )

2 - Image quality (sharpness, rendering, contrast)

3 - AF speed / accuracy

Third one is not important always, such as very wide lens. But for my generic lens it is, and thats why i got the 23mm f2, which i meanwhile found i loved more due to the focal lenght, although worst than both 35mm in image quality.

I looking forward to get a 35mm again and sell my 23mm. Which one depends, either the Fuji f2 or Viltrox 1.4, as those seem to be the ones with adequate AF for my needs.

1.4 is a big plus as i shoot at home a lot, I might even prefer the Viltrox 23mm 1.4, but will need to see reviews and samples.

Options are good, and we are better now than 6 months ago.

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