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Re: They should at least try..

Oiche wrote:

MaciekPruski wrote:

Oiche wrote:

Daft Punk wrote:

Pentax can do the same.

Just how could Pentax do what Nikon did considering they are a much bigger company which developed, for example, cutting edge AF performance etc. etc. etc. over many years, spent zillions more on R&D and developed and released a massive amount of more equipment banking all that knowledge along the way with all the engineering patents?

Just because a mountaineer climbed Everest doesn't mean another can.

New Pentax APS-C will be a vanilla brick standard DSLR so don't expect a D780 rival. Some saying here about the forthcoming dpreviews slating it, well that is because they know what it is going to be.

I'm a happy Pentaxian BTW and love the stuff, no interest in MILCs etc.

They probably won't make it as good as the best mirrorless but simply expanding the live view capability and video capability would be very welcome for me. I can't understand why I have focus peaking before video capture but not during capture for example. And live view AF is really slow on my Pentax cameras. Offering better video specs doesn't necessarily cost millions of dollars.

Live View AF is slower than OVF AF on all DSLR cameras of all brands.

Better video does require a lot of technology and would cost millions in R&D. Just how much money do you think Canon has spent developing their video tech overall?

I have the KP and K1, so for me the new camera has to offer something new to be worth buying. Slightly better AF won't cut it.

You don't need the new camera, me neither, but K3 and older owners will benefit from the newer sensor alone. A boost in IQ and high ISO performance is a key upgrade.

So even if it won't be better than the top mirrorless that's not a deal breaker. I guess most people who can't live without these features already switched to other systems. But for us current Pentaxians the new camera should at least try to offer steps in this direction if we are to buy this.

The 'why Pentax didn't do MILC' is flogged to death and you can look at the countless threads on it (YAWN) but in a nutshell it wasn't financially viable, a reason I happen to believe in. Please don't start a debate about this here.

Yeah but my 2011 Olympus e-p3 live view AF is like 7 times faster than Pentax live-view AF.. Live view AF in Pentax is not just slow, it's VERY slow..

Re: video tech: it doesn't have to be on par with Canon but implementing some sort of Log mode and focus peaking during video isn't such a big deal. I have camera apps on my android phone that do this and cost a few bucks...

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