Survival of the K-mount in the mirrorless world.

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Re: The trend towards mirrorless

I'm still rockin' lenses from the 80's and 90's, they just don't go wrong (the odd time you get sticky aperture blades on some I'm good here)

I got doubts lenses today will last that long, all those ribbon cables to break and AF/aperture motors that can fail. Meantime the old stuff just keeps going

I hope there is a future for Pentax it's a classic mount it deserves more love and attention then it gets. They did some cool things other makers ignore, real attention. K1 was an example of that. Whatever happens dude there is plenty of gear around, so far I'm not swayed into mirrorless look at the prices of native glass ouch. Only fun to be had is adapting glass IMO

Don't know if it makes sense for Pentax to get into that - now we have that massive sales drop with Covid, gonna be hard for even the bigger ones to stay afloat

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