Survival of the K-mount in the mirrorless world.

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Re: The trend towards mirrorless

Luis Fonseca wrote:

Maxxum Fan wrote:

No I'm looking way back beyond that date. The boom was just that a blip, but pre digital they sold more ILC's in the mid 80's onwards.

You might be right, I don't know and the graphic joins all camera sales.

So the market is dying, probably sped up with fairly hefty prices on new gear (bodies and lenses), mix in the phones, bargain buyers who still get gear but won't pay high prices (tons of s/h stuff around)

= continued decline of the industry for years ahead

So there are too many makers, prices are too high (you can only get the value up before the decline speeds up with that plan ie it has not worked), and too much s/h stuff around. There is nothing they can do except cut costs (mirrorless is cheaper to make no doubts there), and jack up prices. What they could do is what more electronics goods have happen - prices drop long term hugely. Cameras are not immune to progress, pc's used to be seriously expensive, now they are dirt cheap.

True, cameras are electronics products so their prices will fall like computers did. Lenses are a different story. They are optical products so their prices will go up like microscopes did.

In general I agree.  Certain things change the value/cost such as an older manual focus vs more modern AF version of a lens or an older mount, but in general I agree.

This is why I prefer a pure mechanical lens (i.e., no AF motor) for longevity after the Zombie Apocalypse


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