Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Re: Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

Michael Berg wrote:

Hello all,

Recently sold my X-T2 in preparation for my expected GAS ahead of the X-T4 release

Now the time is nearing and since I sold the X-T2 with its kit lens (the 18-55 F2.8-4 OIS), I find myself needing another good, general walk around kit lens.

I kind of planned to get another 18-55 but now Fuji has released the 16-80 F/4 I see that this lens is very highly recommended for just that purpose. Only ... the zoom/focus issues are worrying. I don't do a lot of video work so .. meh. Corner image quality and image quality consistency in general is also somewhat worrying. But the lens just seems to well made.

Now that the X-T4 comes with IBIS, the older 16-55 F/2.8 is suddenly really interesting again. Much better image quality and the X-T4 can now compensate for the missing OIS.

So. Which kit lens would you buy today, along with the X-T4?

I wanted the XT4 mainly for use on the 200mm prime but I guess as kit lenses go that's a bit extreme. I did test the 16-55 and for various reasons am not as enthusiastic yet as most, plus it's almost as bulky as a full frame f2.8 zoom,  but I do love the 23mm primes (started with the 1.4 but knowing what I know now, would go with the f2 and not look back - exceptional image quality regardless of price).

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