Z6 & FTZ 2 Stops Darker than D700 for exact same settings

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Re: Even simpler

Upperclasslemon wrote:

Thanks Horshack and Marianne, definitely looks like the aperture is not calibrated on Z6 or FTZ because looking into the lens at f2.8 the blades are already at 50% of the diameter. At f5.6 they are around 80% closed. On the D750 the blades can hardly be seen at f2.8...

I think this is because the Z6 (like many mirrorless cameras) can choose to use a moderate aperture for live view (when you are composing the shot), while changing the aperture to the right one only as you actually trigger the shutter.

So it could be that the camera uses f/5.6 for composing, even if you set it to f/2.8 on the dial. Only as you push the shutter release, the camera changes to f/2.8 as you want it to.

To test this, select a long exposure, e.g., f/2.8 at 2 seconds, trigger the shutter, and see what aperture the camera uses while exposing.

As for the initial question, this could be the case of different ISO definitions across the camera models. This is not uncommon: ISO 100 means something different on different cameras.

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