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tmurph wrote:


Recently I got myself a Minolta XG-M camera body only from Ebay. Now that's the camera. I also checked out a Vivitar 35mm 2.8 lens, again on Ebay. Decided to get it and was impressed with its general condition. Now here's the baffling thing. On the lens are a series of aperture markings that are making me scratch my head. On the mount side of the lens are cut outs that correspond to aperture numbers starting with 2.5 2.8 3.5 5 5.6 3.8 and 4

There are also the letters M/MD inscribed just above the bayonet mount. Looking at the lens from the top there is a thin metal ring that has a small flange on it that looks as if it connected with a pin on the older Minolta bodies, SR100 and so on.

Looking from the back of the lens to the front there is a ring with the following f numbers segmented into eight groups starting as above with 2.5 to 16, 2.8 to 16, 3.5 to 22, 4.5 to 22, 5 to 22, 5.6 to 22, 3.8 to 22 and 4 to 22.

The next ring doesn't move but it has a thin button on it that moves down when you press it. This sits on a raised platform on the bottom of the lens. I say bottom because when the lens is on the camera that's where the button is. On the raised bit are the following markings. 0<->1. Next is the actual aperture ring. This starts at 2.8 to 16. You turn the ring to the right and left but...another baffling thing, you can turn it to the left to right again starting with another 2.8 marker to 16.

When the lens is mounted on my XG-M and I turn the aperture the LED doesn't move from the shutter speed indicated. I have a Sigma 35-70 mm zoom and the aperture works fine.

I have found out the the M on the lens mount stands for Leica M. MD is obviously Minolta.

How do I set this lens up so the aperture works properly. Sorry for the long winded explanation but that's the only way I can describe this lens.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...

From your text description it sounds to me as if you have a Vivitar TX lens with an interchangeable TX mount for Minolta MD. It's quite common for these lenses and mounts to be fitted together incorrectly, which would cause the problem you describe.

If you can post some pictures of the lens, especially the rear mount and the aperture ring(s), it will be easier to help further.

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