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Since returning to M43 earlier this year, I've been shooting the 17mm 1.8 heavily for the past 5 months (I'm a big 35mm fan). I tend to think most of the reviews are more right then wrong on this lens despite varying opinions. That is to say, it's exactly as described. Nice rendering, can be a bit dull wide open (oddly though, for shots of people it never seems to disappoint and has quite a pleasing rendering), relaxed bokeh and fast to focus. Some shots you'll absolutely love, other shots you'll wish it was a bit sharper and/or faster.

I have the 20mm 1.7 V1 as well. That has turned out to be pretty much exactly as described online verses the 17mm 1.8. Punchier, slower to focus and sharper wide open but the bokeh is not as relaxed as the 17mm 1.8. However, I really like this lens and unless you're making large sweeping changes in focusing distance, it's accurate and fast enough to focus. Very nice lens.

I've also owned the 17.5mm voigtlander and the 17mm 1.2 PRO. The voigtlander has a bit of a painterly look to it. I'd say it a dreamy type of look. Classic Voigtlander, but it's heavy, bit of a long throw focusing ring and I thought the performance at .95 to not be worth the hassle.

Now the PRO lens is the best of all of them. I too wanted a lite kit, so I bought the 1.8 for now. It's been perfect for coffee shops, walking around the city (before the lockdown of course) and it is..pretty much...what you'd expect M43 to deliver. The PRO lens is noticably sharper wide open though. Whiter whites and inky blacks...higher accutance. IT's just a damn fine lens.

I've owned several other PRO lenses and the 17mm 1.2 is the most satisfying lens I've owned BUT the 1.8 is tiny and more in line with what I think most M43 users are looking for. Never bought the 15mm 1.7 because i unfortunately detest 28mm and it's to close IMO to that FL:) So yeah, at todays used prices- I'd get the 1.8 if you're really looking for 35mm and want the small size it offers. You'll be happy with it.

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