Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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No-Brainer! Time to Graduate. Get the 16-55!


It is questions like this that I live for.  It is why this Board needs me.

Absolutely get the 16-55, which I called the Brick for 4 years here on this forum.  I made fun of and ridiculed that lens the day it came out for not having OIS, but after two more years I finally gave in and bought it and it is a spectacular Fuji zoom (and nobody makes better zooms than Fuji).  It is absolutely stellar Fuji glass.  This really is one of the best zooms in the world.  It will be glued to your XT-4 after you get it next week when you order it now.

You are done with the 18-55.  It is time now. This great lens came into its own with the IBIS of the XH-1.  Now all XT-4 owners have to get it.

Mandatory.  No-brainer.  Just do it.

With the XT-4, this question is now moot.  It is a given.

I never want to see this question asked again by any XT-4 owner, but if it is....

Moderators - please have DPR programmers use AI and key word scans on this Board in order to instantly post this response to anyone asking what lens to get with their new XT-4.  Then just lock the thread because it is the only answer anyone needs to this too-often-asked and needlessly redundant question.

Next question please.

Note:  I will be back on in the morning to provide further guidance if you want to know what second lens to buy after the 16-55.

That is all.

Carry on.

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